Virtual Assistance

As Virtual Assistants, here is a tip of the iceberg look at what we can do to help you manage your business. All services are customized to meet your specific needs.

Calendar Management: Virtual Plus manages your calendar and reminds you of deadlines, business appointments, project schedules and other important events.

Social Media and Community Management: We set up your profiles on social media platforms of your choice and manage your community for you. If you are already on social media, we’ll work with you on optimize existing profiles. As your brand ambassadors, we share your content, increase your social currency and cultivate meaningful engagement with your fans!

Email Management: Virtual Plus can receive, sort, route and respond to e-mails, manage correspondence and send your email reminders.

Web Analytics: We live by the analytics dashboard! If you have worked hard on a website and a blog, it would really hurt if you had no clue about the traffic on your web space. Virtual Plus will be more than delighted to do that for you, along with optimizing that traffic and keeping you updated with reports periodically.

Newsletter Management: Most industries send out 2-3 newsletters every month and some just 3-4 a month. Whatever you prefer, we’ll roll with you.

Light Bookkeeping: Whether you need simply data entry of everyday business transactions or need a complete bookkeeper of records, V+ can help. Your VA can do just simple data entry or organize your books to prepare your tax returns

Planning and Developing of Marketing Materials: Let’s construct the right marketing package for your brand. When your marketing material does not co-ordinate, there is chaos on your brand image. Your marketing material should instantly be able to convey to your clients your expertise and what they can expect from a working relationship with you. Our experts can help you boldly scream your identity and connect better with your fans. Sit back and let your “Ideas take Flight!

eBook Compiling and Promotions: Virtual Plus can help you through every phase of your eBook. Organizing your material, transcription from your recorded voice to print, editing, proofreading, publishing online, creating a hype on Social Platforms… oh yes, you’d still have to produce the content yourself!

Blog Management: A good blog is a focal point of educational content that screams out your expertise. V+ can set one up for you and regularly post and archive your articles. Virtual Plus will regularly fill your readers in with ideas, inspiration and information. Run of the mill writers are a dime a dozen. Ours are experts!

Make Appointments: Virtual Plus calls your contacts or service providers, schedules your appointments and emails appointment details to you.

Client Survey Set-up and Monitoring: We create custom survey templates and set up client satisfaction surveys or any other channels of survey you wish. Virtual Plus can periodically send out surveys, collect responses, monitor trends and create reports to keep you up to date with the latest customer hype. We can also research competitors trends or conduct industry surveys.

Meeting Co-ordination: Virtual Plus finds and coordinates a meeting place, contacts the necessary attendees, sends out agendas and emails details to you.

Mail Management: Virtual Plus can purchase, prepare and mail your entire special event and holiday cards to the important people in your business life.

Buy and Send Gifts: Virtual Plus handles buying and sending gifts/flowers to clients. We can also mass mails cards and greetings to large contact lists.