What is it that you really really want? – Dream big and chase your dreams.

What is it that you really really want? – Dream big and chase your dreams.

What is it that you really really want? – Dream big and chase your dreams.



Dream big and chase your dreams. I can never stop telling you how important it is for us with an entrepreneur spirit to chase our dreams. Your goals and aspirations are totally yours and it is now up to you to go grab them by the neck and celebrate your achievements!

I am writing this article just to let you know that if you are keen on achieving your goals, you are unstoppable. It’s now your turn to believe that.

When I met Kelly, Kelly was a big dreamer. I loved that. And when Kelly said she spends a lot of time dreaming about her goals and aspirations I was overjoyed for a moment. But then I asked her, “So what are you doing to achieve those goals? What are your plans and what are your steps in getting there?” And her reply was “I haven’t done anything yet, when I’m dreaming I become so happy that I feel I have already achieved everything”.

So Kelly had a vision but no goals or milestones to achieve those goals. For that reason Kelly was in the same place in her life, her business and relationship that she was 10 years ago. That is when I started explaining to her the differences between vision and goals.

Vision is the big picture where you want to be. You might visualize yourself holding a lot of money, dancing away with the perfect partner, or being at your ideal weight and perfect health. Vision is abstract whereas goals are measurable and specific. If your vision is to have the perfect score in your exams, your goal is to chart out an implementation plan to work hard and study to attain that perfect score.

I have asked this question to several entrepreneurs, “What is it that you really want to achieve in your business?” And every time every person I have asked answers in a vague way, like “I want to be very successful in my business and I want everybody to recognize me and appreciate me for what I’m worth”. It is not wrong. People have a vision of being very successful and people complementing them for it. This see a vision in the possible future and just don’t know how to get there. This is when you set goals.

Every one of your visions can materialize if you set proper goals and chart out plans and chunk them down to your to do list. For each goal you want to accomplish, you need to have a perfect blueprint of a master plan. Like every great master I have known has said, “Do three things today that will take you closer to your goal”.

So what is it that you really really really want? It’s not easy for everybody to decide, yeah, this is exactly what I want. And it is never a spur of the moment decision. Sometimes you might want to sit down and ponder over what brings you joy and what steps you need to to take to get there, what sacrifices you have to make, and what consequences you’ll have to bear. Sometimes it might take weeks, months, or a year or two. And then when you have the perfect vision it’s time you sit down and make a master plan.

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