Revamping Your Business with Smart App Solutions

Revamping Your Business with Smart App Solutions



There is a thin line between working hard blindly and working smart to ensure that your business grows fast. Successful entrepreneurs tend to have a consistent way of running their business life exhibiting efficient time management. A glimpse at some of these secrets and smart solutions may help you reinvent your business.

Develop Organized To-Do Lists

It is impossible to succeed without planning. I like to make a list of tasks at the end of every day for the next day. This way, I do not walk into my office and wonder what I’m supposed to do today. I group this list on the basis of importance. My first three priorities are those that need to get done, no matter what.

Time is a major determinant here. You could label your tasks as urgent, very important and important. Set time lines and follow through to ensure they are completed. Tasks that have the least time but impact significantly on your business should be done first.

If my to-do list is too short, I start to worry because it means I did not create enough time to reflect on my activities and growth prospects. Remember to review your to-do list first thing in the morning, in the middle of the day and then again at the end of the day. This smart action ensures that you only perform tasks that are still relevant to your business. Efficiency is the super key here.

There are wonderful apps that will nudge you, alert you and punch you in the face (no, I’m just kidding) if you do not follow through your priority lists. Let me list you a few here here. lets you enter tasks that you might want to do when you have a moment without actually scheduling them. This way you can always peep in to see if any tasks are lurking around while you have nothing else to do.

Todoist goes a step beyond, is all color coded for the color organized person and can be synced with Gmail so you can get task alerts into your inbox.

Clear is clearly a list making app for the fun loving kind of people. It lets you create as many lists as you need to and pinch and swipe to edit.

Priorities is for the visual kind of people. This app lets you create tasks and projects and create levels and tiers of tasks for easier management.

My favorite one for to-do and list management is called 30/30. This app keeps time for the tasks I list for the day and pings me when I’m supposed to move on to another task. I maintain 8-10 different task lists on 30/30 and I can’t imagine a life without this app keeping me on my toes… or fingertips sometimes.

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