How do you “wow” your team?

How do you “wow” your team?



I agree, being a woman entrepreneur, business has its occasional havoc on your emotional state. Just as work exerts pressure on you, so does it on the members of your team. There are ways to mitigate the negative effects that work causes on your team members. If you do not take the initiative to lead the way out of the boredom and disconnect that work can cause, you are likely seated in sinking ship.

And that’s why you need to “wow” your team once in a while. Here are some fun ways to motivate your team and reward them for tremendous results.

Say it with food!

Slicing a little piece of your pie to share with the team members ensures that the pie keeps coming. Treating your team members to pizza or lunch is an effective way to bond and release the extra energies that could transform into negative thoughts. Monthly potluck or casual picnics are a few wonderful ideas for an informal get together.

Public Praise

You may not notice it instantly but praising your team members publicly goes out a mile to lift their spirits. It makes them feel worthwhile. Learn to give credit where it is deserved.. Any praise should be pegged on genuine flashes of briliance and not pretence and hypocrisy.

Beer for Cheer

Taking your team out for relaxation in a social place is a viable option for motivation. However, there are alternative social activities that your team can engage and avoid drinking alcohol. You could go for a bowling match, board game tournaments, or watch a game together on game nights. Remember, if you must drink, drink cautiously. It might not be a brilliant idea to get drunk before your team members.

Invest in each Team Member’s Personal Growth

Take the initiative to facilitate various trainings to improve or advance skills among your team members. It feels good to learn that your employer has your interest at heart. Such a move not only motivates your team member but also guarantees efficiency. If such a member wishes to pursue studies on their own, try and develop a plan that makes it posible for them to work and study.

Send them on a cruise!

The old adage that `all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ can never be truer. Your team members need some time off from the hustle and bustle of daily routine. It might not be a feasible idea for every employer, but if you have that extra ordinary team member, who exceeds your sales expectations each time, send her on an all paid, all inclusive Caribbean cruise! Show them you are a boss to die working for! No pun intended of course…

Small things matter most…

If you look back in time you might realise that it was all the little things that made a big difference. Here are gentler ways you can still appreciate someone and go above and beyond into their memories and appreciation

• Tiny trinkets and gifts: A pair of earrings for her could go a long way in reinstating some lost sense of importance.
• Celebrate birthdays: I once bought a cake for an employee’s birthday and had her burst into happy tears! That was memorable, for me and for her.
• Public recognition: Companies recognise outstanding employees or team members at regular intervals in their eZines, tweets and web pages

Now, you go, take a look at your team members… See how hard they work for you!

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