Have you an accountability partner?

Have you an accountability partner?



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I can’t say how thrilled I am to be opening up my accountability club to business owners in need. Trust me when I say this every business person at some point or the other has had a burning need for an accountability partner. That is why I started this accountability club.

“An accountability partner is someone who you trust to hold you to the standards that you set for yourself.” – Chad Davis, Build the Fire

If you are a business owner you could be experiencing any level of success on the success ladder. Wherever you are, you can always step up to the next rung. This, my friend, I promise will speed up that climb faster than you imagined with the right accountability partner. Having an accountability partner is a fantastic way for entrepreneurs like you to sort out struggle that comes with staying on the unidirectional move upwards.

Here’s ways how an accountability partner can help:

Throw a spotlight on your blind side in business – Each business owner is different. We all make different thought patterns, thus we all make decisions based on our individual behavioral styles, inspirations and understanding. We lose potential prospective in this process. Your accountability partner (of your choice) and your accountability coach (me) can mirror things back to you that you can’t see for yourself. The amount of success you can achieve from that is priceless.

Be your ultimate boost and reducing the overwhelm – Many a times, we get so overwhelmed by everything we need to do that we shut down internally and refuse to take much needed action. That is normal. Having an accountability partner on your side boosts inspiration, helps prioritization, kicks up action and fosters achievement.

Kick your butt – Yes, a good butt kick now and then ensures that you are on track and success is just around the corner. Your AP will know when to identify your slack and when a bottom needs smacking!

Help stay on track – Igniting the stimulus is hard on your own every minute of your lives, isn’t it? Planning definite outcomes and taking a pledge with your accountability partner, will help you to stay purposeful and on the straight path.

Maintain positivity – Negativity is a thief of the soul. We all are humans and we all have that Negative Nelly lurking behind several thoughts we have. We all need that extra push from time to time to throw Nelly out. Your AP will help you manifest your success through nurturing positive outlook and desirable outcome for all times.

Provide prospective beyond introspection – Accountability Club is full of diverse like minded people who you can capitalize on to bounce ideas off,  discuss problems and challenges and arrive at solutions you couldn’t have come up through introspection.

Be second home to entrepreneurs – Accountability Club is that one place when entrepreneurs of all background come together and share their lives and work and feel at home with their peers. Like Sarah Dessen, author of What Happened to Goodbye quotes: “Home wasn’t a set house, or a single town on a map. It was wherever the people who loved you were, whenever you were together. Not a place, but a moment, and then another, building on each other like bricks to create a solid shelter that you take with you for your entire life, wherever you may go.”

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