An Accountability Partner – A hand to hold…

An Accountability Partner – A hand to hold…

An Accountability Partner – A hand to hold…



I can’t say how thrilled I am to be opening up my accountability club to business owners in need. This project has been long in the making. I have had to take time off work due to health and personal reasons, and thanks to my accountability partners who kept pushing me towards recovery and restarting of this programme, I am finally back at this point. Trust me when I say this every business person at some point or the other has had a burning need for an accountability partner. That is why I started this accountability club.

“An accountability partner is someone who you trust to hold you to the standards that you set for yourself.” – Chad Davis, Build the Fire

Whether it is growing your business, writing a book or increasing sales, none of them are an easy task. And you don’t have to go alone all the way. I can’t stress enough the importance of having a mentor or an accountability partner to help stay on track, boost your morale, reduce overwhelm and kick your butt if needed.

If you really want your GPS to show you direction, you need to let it know where you intend to go in the first place. Likewise, if you really want your accountability partner to be useful in helping you reach your sales or business goals or finish your book, you need to let your buddy stay within the knowledge of goals and intentions are.

Your best strategy would be to set up smart goals and discuss them with the buddy. Keeping your partner in the know about any and all milestones and helps clarify the destination and narrows down focus.

If you have worked with an accountability partner in the past, you probably know by now that accountability ensures self-discipline. You will achieve a lot more when you are accountable not only to yourself but to others too. The role of an accountability partner is to assist you take account of your actions in a given time frame.

Watch out for my next article on how to find the perfect accountability partner.

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